Friday, July 13, 2012

Force and motion

Don't you just love how learning can happen anywhere at anytime? I find it truly amazing how smart my boys are. They can figure things out pretty easily for themselves. Then what they don't know they ask questions. Questions are wonderful tools to facilitate learning. Questions start conversations, and conversations can lead to amazing learning.

I have found that a lot of newer parks are full of amazing pieces of equipment that allow children to explore the use of their bodies through force and motion. Recently we were at a park with this interesting device. I have this thing with hopping on playground equipment before examining what it is going to do. This looked harmless enough right? WRONG! I felt a teeny bit nauseated after this but as I was spinning in circles clinging on for dear life, the boys got interested. They wanted to know how it worked. So while I was trying very hard to not toss my dinner Darling Hubby showed the boys how it worked. Then asked Bug a wonderful question. "Why do you think it works like that?"  " Energy and gravity!" Bug shouted. Gee what smart little boys they have. Darling Hubby is very much into Science and did well in school with all that stuff. He is the go to guy in the house for the advanced math and science things. He did a little explanation and demonstration for the boys and we continued playing. Who knows what they retained but learning by life is so much more fun than learning from a book.

Look for learning options embrace them and let life teach you. The kids are little sponges when they are young. They learn so much just by answering questions.

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