Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let them be little

Most adults I know wish they could be kids again, free from the worries and stresses of the world. Most kids cant wait to grow up. I cant blame the kids or really the adults, while you are young adult life is so amazing. We constantly are getting kids to grow up or think about the future. You know what who cares what they want to be when they grow up. They are kids they have years to grow up. Right now my son tells me he wants to be a superhero who saves the world. Great! there is nothing that he needs to do right now to prep for that because it could change next week. If he wants to be a doctor, great! At 6 he doesn't need to do anything. Right now he needs to be a kid. He needs to explore life and find out what he likes. He doesn├Ęt have to think about getting old and getting a job right now. That will come with time. Right now he needs to be little and have fun. Don't try and get your kids to grow up to fast, childhood is short let them live it.
Pirate SuperHeros



World explorer



He can be whatever he wants when he grows up but right now he can be a kid!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Letting it flow

I have struggled with just letting go. I'm a teeny bit of a control person, but I know it will be better for my children if I just let the learning come. I find they actually learn more when I don't try and force it. Crazy I know , but it works.

Today was an example to me of how things can flow if you just let it be.

It started with Bug grabbing The Usborne Geography Encyclodeia ( great book, contact me to purchase) and finding a page about continents. He asked me what they were. So we then went to our wall map.

We looked at the different land masses. shouted them out a bunch. I then asked Bug if he would like a coloring sheet. He did so I found him one online.

They then colored and made up songs and had some reinforcement with the words on the paper.

It flowed it didn't seem push or stretched, and I think we both got more out of it. I later asked home how many continents there were and he remembered.

Will he remember them tomorrow, who knows, did we have fun and a stress free learning time, yup so all is good

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Growing crystals

Bug got a science kit for his birthday. Yes we are those kind of parents, but you know what he loved it. The first thing he wanted to do was get right to work with it. We started with the growing crystals.

Adding and mixing up the solution to grow the crystals

It was a success, after a few days they were there growing. Bug was happy :) much more science to come!