Friday, July 27, 2012

The power of language

Language is so extremely powerful. There are so many aspects in your life where simply stating things out loud can really change how life goes for you. Some call this prayer, or releasing energy out to the universe, whatever you want to call it it works.
Now you may be wondering what this has to do with schooling? It is really quite simple, your children do hear you. They may not always listen but on some level they always hear you. How do you talk about your children? How do you talk about their schooling experience? Are you respectful of your child, even when they are uncooperative?
How many times have you been so frustrated with life and when something is hard you don't put in full effort and just say "I can't". How frustrated do you get with your child when they do the same thing? There is much truth in the Henry Ford quote, ' Whether you think you can, or you think you can't- your right.'
When you are in the midst of frustration, have you ever told your you child that they are stupid, or that any idiot could figure this out or really any other comment on their lack of intelligence? This can be damaging to your child.
If you are regularly being told by the people who love you that you are less than intelligent, don't you think that would have a lasting effect? I really try to focus on my language with the boys. I try to lift them up and make them feel like they able to do things. Even when it is hard, and they are not understanding. I refrain for telling them that anyone could do it, because clearly anyone can't as they are unable to. I acknowledge their trouble, and ask them what they need. I encourage them that they can do it, and I will help them to succeed.
Now there are times where I slip and I say things that hurt feelings. Sometimes you just say things out of frustration. What you do need to do is acknowledge your mistake, and rectify it. Just like most people expect their children to do when they make mistakes. The best way to have good behavior is model good behavior.
Remember your child is learning. While it may seem like a simple task to you, it could be a challenge for them. You had to learn once too!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Force and motion

Don't you just love how learning can happen anywhere at anytime? I find it truly amazing how smart my boys are. They can figure things out pretty easily for themselves. Then what they don't know they ask questions. Questions are wonderful tools to facilitate learning. Questions start conversations, and conversations can lead to amazing learning.

I have found that a lot of newer parks are full of amazing pieces of equipment that allow children to explore the use of their bodies through force and motion. Recently we were at a park with this interesting device. I have this thing with hopping on playground equipment before examining what it is going to do. This looked harmless enough right? WRONG! I felt a teeny bit nauseated after this but as I was spinning in circles clinging on for dear life, the boys got interested. They wanted to know how it worked. So while I was trying very hard to not toss my dinner Darling Hubby showed the boys how it worked. Then asked Bug a wonderful question. "Why do you think it works like that?"  " Energy and gravity!" Bug shouted. Gee what smart little boys they have. Darling Hubby is very much into Science and did well in school with all that stuff. He is the go to guy in the house for the advanced math and science things. He did a little explanation and demonstration for the boys and we continued playing. Who knows what they retained but learning by life is so much more fun than learning from a book.

Look for learning options embrace them and let life teach you. The kids are little sponges when they are young. They learn so much just by answering questions.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Learning

I have a plan to keep the learning going through the summer. I don't want to get out of our system too much. Though hot summer days I want the kids outside, enjoying themselves. I know they all are interested and keep learning through play and life. Though I may or may not have a few control issues. I want to keep up on basic reading and writing with Bug. I know his math is good and he does it in play along with Bobo. So I have started a Summer journal for Bug. It's really simple it is just about what he did that day. There is usually something that stands out to him. or special events that we do. So far he is doing pretty good with it.