Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bug's water and sand experiment

 Bug has always had a love of science. He wants to know how things work. How things come to be the way they are. We have been taking about reversible and irreversible reactions ( or changes). It has been fun. Right now his main focus is on water and it's changes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Not back to school?!?!

Well another school year is upon us. What does that mean for us? Really nothing much other than I need to be a bit more aware of what Bug is doing, at least so i can report it. The first few days have been wonderful we have gone to a few picnics. The picnics have been with different groups of area home learners. It is always wonderful to get out and meet new people and talk with others about the community.

It is in these first few days of school I usually am reminded of why I have chosen not to send my child to school. Every year I hear complaints and worries about the children in the school system.Every parents fear of what is really going on in school.

Now I often hear the argument that kids need to leave their parents. That in order to learn and grown that children should be "thrown to the wolves". This idea is just so awful to me. I just don't understand why you would want to take your young impressionable child  and toss them into an potentially bad situation.

I was realistic about what I know my child can handle. I know where his strengths and weaknesses lie. I know that there are situations that he just simply doesn't do well in. He is still so young, and developing skills he needs to. He should not have to develop skills on how to please everyone around him, how to conform to the mold or even how to avoid the school bully.  These are not life skills. Theses are school coping skills.

We work in life, by being around people and learning how to communicate even when our differences are great. Realizing that you can not be perfect but you can strive to do your best. Life does not give gold stars or grades. Life is a give an take flow of learning what is right and wrong, and how to tell the difference.

For our family we choose to learn through real life. We don't go to a brick and mortar establishment. We go where the wind takes us. Different activities, lots of time outside, and learning how things work outside of the walls. There is much to learn out in the world and we are just getting started.