Monday, June 11, 2012

Reaching New Heights

Well this year has come to a close for us. Today was term end and everything handed in up until today counts towards his Kindergarten year. This for me is a exciting time because it forced me to sit back and look at the year and see where Bug has come this year. In reviewing everything I know homeschooling is the right path for us. He has grown so much but he has grown with us as a family unit still intact. He has grown a sense of independence and knows he is capable of so many things, but on the same token he knows where his roots are and his best relationships are with his family members.
Bug has learned many basic academic skills and has really improved in so many ways. He is really enjoying reading and is so proud when he is able to read something himself. He writes in his journal and can do a good chunk of the spelling and printing independently. He can do some basic addition in his head without the need of his fingers now.
I have learned so much about Bug and his likes and dislikes. I have learned what he enjoys doing so much more than if he was away from me learning all of this. While I'm sure he would enjoy playing with other children all day everyday, that is not what school should be about. Bug has developed great friendships with some other local home learners. I know this has been the best choice for our family and has given Bug such a feeling of greatness. He knows he can do great things if he puts in the work. He knows that if he wants something he just sometimes has to try a bit harder. Bug is going higher and reach new heights all the time, both figuratively and literally. Give him roots and wings, and let him fly!

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