Thursday, June 7, 2012

Finding the balance

Sometimes as a mom you just need to let them spread their wings. Sometimes you just need to let your babies do their thing even if it's not exactly as you would do it.

For many mom things is a hard thing to do. I'm not saying shove them out of the nest and see if they can fly. Though depending on the child that could be an option. We moms need to realize that our children are smart capable people, baring special circumstances, that they are a lot more capable then we like to believe. Given choices and options many kids will surprise their parents.

In regards to homeschooling there are many different families and different values, that you come into contact with. Everything for the fully free range families who allow their children total freedom, to the helicopter families who hover and restrict everything. Neither is wrong but neither is fully right in my opinion, there needs to be a balance.

I'm working on trying to get my own balance in my life.Right now my focus is on trying to find what I want to do for Bug's schooling. I have a vision of what I want but I just don't know how to fully achieve everything I want.

I would like Bug to have a love of learning and have a desire to go out and achieve whatever he wants. I don't want school to be something dreaded. I want him to know how to seek out information. I also want him to know basic academic skills. Reading writing and math are so important and basic skills in these areas are important for any area in life.  I don't want to have the stress of making sure that he is achieving everything that he must according to their standards. At the same time I do want us to be held accountable for making sure that  the learning is in fact happening.

Right now the balance I'm going to work with is guided and unguided days. Where two or three days a week we work on guided lessons which are required for work submissions. These days we will cover and reinforce basic academic skills and develop new ones. This will be time for assignments, worksheet and workbook that I decide that we need to cover. On unguided days this will be the time to see where bug wants to go with his learning. He will get to choose what he wants to work on based on what he is interested in. The unguided days will still have things he is required to do like reading and writing but they may be of his choosing. unguided days allows me to get what I need done because life with three and doing full time guided schooling is just not feasible.

 Bug will only be going into grade one this year and looking at the outcomes of next year we have covered a lot of them already. I'm hoping this balance will work for us and will work into our lives much better then last year.

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