Saturday, September 10, 2011

Homeschooling here we come!!!

Okay so school officially started this week. Which of course means time to actually look at the curriculum, and plan things are get our selves organized for the week. I decided that I really should plan my week on the weekends so that I have everything planned and laid out and less winging it. Guess how well that actually worked out? Yup not so much. I had our outings planned and a rough idea of what we were doing for work but that was about it. Bug loved it though, he actually enjoys having workbooks, worksheet
and little projects to do. I'm really happy that he is enjoying it, I'm enjoying it too! We are working along side each other and I'm getting to explore things with him.
I love being a witness to my children's wonder and amazement with life. Everything is so much more exciting when you look through a child's eyes. Yes it can be a tad bit tedious finding that every single rock amazing and how they all look like the last one. Though just because I've been there done that and I know that they are all the same doesn't mean he isn't going to wondering if this one is different. It's h
ow you learn things, repetition will solidify facts. gravity is a fact but maybe just this one time that rock will float in the air when he throws it? Or maybe he just likes the plunk and the ripples.

This is Bug's introductory writing assignment that he did for his first project. It was to be about an event that happened over the summer. He chose to write about a day at the zoo. He has drawn a few animals that we saw and each person that was there with us. He is just starting to get more into art work and creating things. He rather draw pictures of just people and isn't much of a background kind of guy.
We also spent the week going to different NOT back to school picnics. Gatherings with home learners from around the areas meeting new people forming new connections. We got a ton of sun and all the children were completely tired by the end of the day. We were able to explore new parks which is always a good thing with three little boys. i loved that they were making new friends with children of different ages too! Bug made a friend with an 8 year old girl. He never got her name but he was very excited about his 8 year
old friend. He also played an exciting game of agents with another group of boys. I'm not sure if I was more excited about him making different friends ( which is not new for him) or the fact that older children were including him in on their games without and complaints whinning or trying to run away from him.

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