Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creative learning

One of the biggest advantages to homeschooling is learning can take place anywhere and at anytime. Math puzzles can be done while snuggling on the couch. Language Arts discussed while swinging on the swings. The seasons and environmental questions can be asked in nature, where these questions are best answered.

It is easy to get creative with learning if you stop thinking about learning. Think about fun things and exciting things to do stop expecting learning and allow experiences to come. They will come with doing :)

Here bug is just trying to make the most number of pie pieces with 4 cuts. Does he realize he is learning fractions? Nope. Is he having fun? For sure. He is spending time figuring out a puzzle. there was no wrong answer. He didn't have any expectations other than try and figure out the puzzle he picked to do.

Marsh mellows and toothpicks make for lots of fun that everyone can get into. Sure it's geometry but they don't care they are making shapes and trying to get the to stand up.

Life is full of wonder and so much fun. Get creative! 

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