Friday, November 2, 2012

Letting it flow

I have struggled with just letting go. I'm a teeny bit of a control person, but I know it will be better for my children if I just let the learning come. I find they actually learn more when I don't try and force it. Crazy I know , but it works.

Today was an example to me of how things can flow if you just let it be.

It started with Bug grabbing The Usborne Geography Encyclodeia ( great book, contact me to purchase) and finding a page about continents. He asked me what they were. So we then went to our wall map.

We looked at the different land masses. shouted them out a bunch. I then asked Bug if he would like a coloring sheet. He did so I found him one online.

They then colored and made up songs and had some reinforcement with the words on the paper.

It flowed it didn't seem push or stretched, and I think we both got more out of it. I later asked home how many continents there were and he remembered.

Will he remember them tomorrow, who knows, did we have fun and a stress free learning time, yup so all is good

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  1. My kiddos retain things better when it's fun too. Glad you found a happy way to teach a bit of geography. :)