Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Aquarium fun

Checking out the coral reefs

Look out for the sharks

Cute little birds. Bobo liked watching the birds

The resident sloth

 We had a class that the Aquarium put together just for the area home learners. It was a lot of fun and the boys really enjoyed themselves. It is definitely something we will do again. We were able to make it to three of them. It's nice for Bug to get to go to classes at times with such a large range of children.

 Bobo was really excited to participate in the one class that he could. seeing all the sea creatures was really fun for both of them.  Bobo loves to learn from other people and you can usually find him sitting right next to the instructor, in most classes

 Gentle pinky finger touchs only!
 Off to explore the tanks

The dolphins are always a fun thing to watch at the aquarium
Same goes for the belugas. They were actually the boys favorite part of the day

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